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by Tony Clayton

Pneumatic Post Stamps

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In Rome, Milan and Turin several Post Offices were linked by a pneumatic tube system, allowing rapid movement of mail around the cities for the payment of a supplementary fee.

First Issue, April 1913


10c brown
Valid until December 1921.
Sassone 1

Second Issue, September 1921


15c violet brown
Valid until June 1927.
Sassone 2

Third Issue, June 1923


30c blue
Valid until June 1927.
Sassone 3

Fourth Issue, January 1924

Overprint to use up obsolete stocks of the 10c

15c on 10c

15c on 10c brown
Valid until June 1927.
Sassone 4

Fifth Issue, March 1925

Emergency issue reflecting an increase in pneumatic postage rates. All three valid until June 1927.

20c on 10c

20c on 10c brown
Sassone 5

20c on 15c

20c on 15c violet brown
Sassone 6

20c on 15c

Displaced overprint
Sassone 6e

40c on 30c

40c on 30c brown
Sassone 7

Sixth Issue, March 1925

Definitive issues for the new rates. Both valid until June 1927.


20c violet brown
Sassone 8


40c red
Sassone 9

Seventh Issue, June 1927

Reduction in Postage Rates resulted in another overprinted issue. Valid until June 1928.

15c on 20c

15c on 20c violet brown
Sassone 10

35c on 40c

35c on 40c red
Sassone 11

Eighth Issue, October 1927 (35c) and February 1928 (15c)

The 15c was issued in a new colour, lilac (lilla). However, a second printing in scarlet (rosso) caused confusion with the 35c, so a third colour, a reddish violet (violetto rosso), was printed. It is sometimes difficult to tell these apart, especially as CEI describes the three colours as lacca viola, scarlatto and viola granata! These stamps remained valid until December 1935.


15c scarlet
Sassone 12b


15c reddish violet (or lilac?)
Sassone 12a


35c scarlet
Sassone 13

Ninth Issue, March 1933

After the move to the printers in Rome a switch was made from typography to photogravure, with a complete change in design.


15c dark violet
Sassone 14


35c red
Sassone 15

Tenth Issue, October 1945

This issue during the Lieutenancy of Umberto II had little practical use while the pneumatic system was restored to use after the war, and used copies are almost always favour cancelled. Emergency use on ordinary post is known and scarce. Note that the Arms of Savoy no longer have the fasces used on the previous issue.


60c brown
Sassone 16


1.40 lire grey-blue
Sassone 17

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