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Parcel Stamps

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Parcel Stamps were first issued in 1884. For a while they were withdrawn, and then issued in a new format in 1914 as a pair of small stamps, one half of which is used for a receipt.

1884 Issue

Parcel 10c

10c Parcel stamp
Sassone P1

Parcel 20c

20c Parcel stamp
The key stamp of the set. Sassone P2

Parcel 50c

50c Parcel stamp
Sassone P3

50c Parcel Card

50 centesimi Parcel Card of the first 1888 issue from Amandola to Rome
This denomination was used for internal parcels to be collected from a Post Office
Pertile 1

Parcel Card

75 centesimi Parcel Card from Grottaminarda to Milan
This denomination was used for internal parcels to be delivered, or for overseas offices in Italian Colonies
Pertile 2

Parcel Card

1l25 centesimi Parcel Card from Turin to Gotha in Germany
This denomination was used for addresses in France, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary. In this case it was uprated to the 1l75 required for Germany
Pertile 3

Parcel Card

1l75 Parcel Card from Sesto Fiorentino to Copenhagen with additional 50c parcel stamp
It is very rare to find stamps from this set still on a parcel card. This style of card was for use with parcels going to Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Malta, and had to be uprated as it was going to Denmark.
Sassone P3, Pertile 4

Parcel Card

In 1889 a new style of card was introduced, with additional denominations
Pertile 6

Parcel Card

The new style 75c card
Pertile 7

Parcel Card

An unused copy of the 2l70 card used for parcels destined for Great Britain
Pertile 10

Parcel Card

In 1890 the rates for internal delivery were amalgamated to
60 centesimi whether or not the parcel was delivered or collected from the Post Office.
An overprint was used before a new card was printed, and issued on 1st November 1890

Pertile 12

Parcel Card

A 60 centesimi card was issued nine days later on 10th November 1890
Pertile 13

Parcel Card

From September 1892 a new design with a modified coat of arms was introduced
Pertile 15

1914 Issues

The first issue of the two part stamp had scrolls with a line of three stars in between the two halves

20 lire

20 lire deep purple, the top value of the 1914 set
Sassone P19

Parcel Card

A 2l50 card uprated by 14 lire; the card is in a style first issued in 1923.
Pertile 32

1923 issue

The 5c was overprinted with three new denominations.

30c on 5c

30c overprint on 5c brown
Sassone P20

60c on 5c

60c overprint on 5c brown
Sassone P21

1l50 on 5c

1 lire 50c overprint on 5c brown
Sassone P22

1925 Issue

The 10 lire was overprinted 3 lire. Quite why is not known.

3l on 10l

3 lire on 10 lire pale purple
Sassone P20

Parcel Card

A scarce 13 lire card uprated by 16.10 lire using two examples of the 3 lire overprint as well as an unoverprinted 10 lire in a distinctly different shade.
Pertile 36

1927 Issues

With the arrival of a fascist government under Mussolini the scrolls were replaced by a pair of fasces separated by a dotted line with a flower at each end.

1 lire

1 lire in the scarce lilac-brown shade
Sassone P30b

Parcel card

A later style card from Bologna to Brussels with both fascist and pre-fascist stamps
Sassone P8, P29 and P31, Pertile 55B

Insurance Stamps (Francobolli Assicurativi)

Starting in 1926 stamps were issued for insurance of parcels and registered letters. Their format was similar to the two-part parcel stamps of the period. They went out of use in 1945, losing validity by the end of 1947. Examples of all types are quite scarce.

1.50 lire

Used right half of 1.50 lire valid solely for parcels giving cover up to 100 lire
The stamp has zig-zag perfs that were clearly inadequate, so this example was cut from the sheet with scissors.
Sassone FA9

3 lire

Used right half of 3 lire valid for parcels and registered letters.
1926, zig-zag perforations
Image courtesy of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle.
Sassone FA6

10 lire

Used left half of 10 lire valid for parcels and registered letters.
1936, Normal perforations
Image courtesy of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle.
Sassone FA16

Parcel card

Receipt of 2.50 lire card with 1 lire and two 25c halves, as well as an insurance half.
Sassone P26 and P30, Pertile 54B?

1944 Social Republic Issue

20 lire

20 lire overprinted REP SOC ITALIANA
This stamp saw little, if any, postal use, and genuine used examples are exceedingly rare
Sassone P47

1945 Fasces Obliterated Issue

With the fall of the fascists, there was a need to remove the fasces from the stamps. Initially an ornate obliterator was overprinted on them.

20 lire

20 lire overprinted centrally
Sassone P59

1946 No Fasces Issue

Six parcel stamps were issued during the brief reign of Umberto II prior to the formation of the Republic

20 lire

20 lire lilac brown
Sassone P65

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