Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Express Stamps

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Express Stamps for Internal Mail

Sixth Issue, 1922

60c on 50c

60c on 50c Express, with inverted overprint
Image Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle
Sassone 6b

Express Stamps for International Mail

First Issue, 1908

An agreement fixing the international express rate at 30c took effect on 1st October 1907, and an appropriate stamp was issued on 1st September 1908.


30c Express
Sassone 2

Second Issue, 1921

On the 1st February 1921 the international express rate was raised to 1.20 lire. The 30c stamp was overprinted LIRE 1,20 and issued on 3rd October 1921. Stamps in position 13 have the comma missing.

1l20 provisional

LIRE 1,20 overprinted on 30c
This is an example with the missing comma
Sassone 5d


Definitive 1.20 lire Express stamp.
Unissued as it did not become available until after the rate increased on 1st January 1922
Sassone 8

Third Issue, 1925

The unissued 1.20 lire stamp was eventually overprinted at the new rate and was issued on 31st March 1925. Unfortunately the international express rate had gone up to 2 lire on 1st January 1923, over two years earlier, and after the 2 lire express had been issued. It will be no surprise that used copies of this stamp are scarce.

1l60 Provisional

Lire 1,60 on unissued 1l20
Sassone 10

Fourth Issue, 1925

The international express rate went up to 2 lire on 1st January 1923. The definitive 2 lire stamp was issued in February 1925.

2 lire

2 Lire Express
Sassone 13

Fifth Issue, 1926

The international express rate went up to 2.50 lire on 1st January 1926. The definitive 2.50 lire stamp was issued in July 1926.

2.50 lire

2.50 Lire Express
Sassone 13

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