Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Official Post (Servizio)

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Official stamps were first issued in 1875, with the intention of getting a grip on those organisations that had been previously been entitled to free postage. Official stamps could only be used on official mail being sent to state organisations and not to private individuals, although rare examples of such use are known.

After two years it was decided that the expense of printing official stamps outweighed any advantage gained, and so on 31st December 1876 thier use was abandoned. Surplus stocks were overprinted 2c for use on the printed matter rate.


Two distinct shades are known - lake and dark lake.

10 lire

10 lire lake
Sassone 8


Eight values were issued, the idea being that each represented a particular rate and would be used singly so that statistics of their use would represent the volume of mail used at each rate. The use of two stamps on this cover shows that this idea failed, and was a factor in such stamps being discontinued.

2 5c on cover

Cover with 2 5c official stamps
Sassone 2

Postal Stationery

A postcard was issued with the 2c stamp pre-printed thereon. The stamps were not cancelled, the postmark being put in a separate circle at the top right. Again, these were for use to official adressees only.


Official postcard

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