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BLP Stamps

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BLP Stamps were first issued in 1921. The letters stand for Busta Lettera Postale, and the stamps were used by War Casualty Charities at a discounted rate. They were used on special envelopes. Further details will be published on this site at a later date.

The overprint has been extensively forged - beware of purchasing expensive items without a certificate.

First Issue, 1921

The first overprint is narrower and taller than the second. The initial printings are of type Zecchinato, which appears to have a level base to the L. Later ones have a different style known as Salomone, with a sloping base to the L. The latter is also known in a 'deteriorated' state.


Two examples of the 25c with Type 1 overprint
Both are thought to be Zecchinato style.
Sassone 3


Two examples of the 40c with Type 1 overprint
That on the left is Zecchinato style in blue, while that on the right is deteriorated Salomone style in bright dark blue.
Sassone 4

BLP Card

BLP Envelope with 40c brown with type 1 violet overprint
Sassone 4B

Second Issue, 1922, Lithographic overprint

The typographic and lithographic versions of the 10c can be distinguished by the impression being visible on the back for the former. The other denominations differ in the colour of the overprint.

10c and 25c

10c red and 25c blue BLP stamps.
Sassone 5 and 8

60c BLP

60c BLP stamp; the postmark appears to be dated prior to the issue date of 1922
Sassone 11
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle

1 lire BLP

1 lire BLP stamp; the overprint looks forged
Sassone 12

Second Issue, 1922, Typographic overprint

20c and 30c BLP

20c and 30c BLP stamps.
Sassone 15 and 17

15c BLP

15c with red BLP.
Sassone 14C

85c BLP

85c with black BLP.
Sassone 18

BLP Card

BLP Envelope with the above two stamps

Unissued Commemoratives

25c Victory

25c Victory stamp overprinted BLP.
Sassone 25
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle

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