Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Publicity Stamps

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During 1924 19 stamps with advertising tabs were issued, and two further designs (one of which used an express stamp) were printed and not issued.

It was intended that the labels should be separated by perforations, but this was not done, so the stamps were only valid internally; the UPU banned the use of advertisments on stamps used for overseas mail.

The idea was not very popular, and the contract was terminated in the latter half of 1925.

Some advertisments are very scarce.


Two examples of the 15c with advertisements
Sassone 1 and 2

15 and 25c

Abrador was a soap
Sassone 3 and 4


All Tagliacozzo versions are scarce
Sassone 8
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle

30 and 50c

The Columbia 30c was the only publicity stamp of that value
Sassone 9 and 11

50 and express

50c Siero Casali (a medicine) and the unissued 25c Express
Baci means kiss, and it may have been considered to risque to be associated with the King
Sassone 15 and 21

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