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Jubaland (Oltre Giuba in Italian)

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In fulfilment of the 1915 Treaty of London, Grat Britain ceded part of Kenya to control by Italy on 15th July 1924, and until amalgamation with Italian Somalia, stamps were issued using Italian stamps overprinted Oltre Giuba. Just two commemorative sets were issued inscribed Oltre Giuba rather than being overprinted.
Jubaland was incorporated into Italian Somalia on 30th June 1926.

Main Definitive Set, 1925

The first set of definitives from 1 centesimi to 10 lire was issued on 29th June 1925. The 2 and 5 lire are the key values mint.

2 and 5 lire

2 lire and 5 lire, mint
Sassone 13 and 14.

Second Definitive Set, 1925

Two further stamps in the new Michetti design were issued in October 1925.

20c and 30c

20 centesimi green and 30 centesimi grey
Sassone 16 and 17.

Jubilee Set, 1925-6

The 60c and 1 lire were issued in November 1925, while the 1.25 lire was issued in July 1926 after Jubaland had been incorporated into Italian Somalia. All three stamps can be found in both perf 11 and perf 13½, but the 60c and 1 lire are very rare with the latter perforation, the 60c particularly so.

1.25 lire

1.25 lire blue, perf 13½
Sassone 23.

Saint Francis Set, 1926

Five of the six Italian St.Francis stamps were later issued overprinted for use in Jubaland on 12th April 1926.

Anniversary of Accession Set, 1926

A set of 7 stamps with the same design was issued on the 21st April 1926, conveniently showing a map of the territory.


60 centesimi lilac
Sassone 33.

Italian Colonial Institute Set, 1926

Six stamps in the same series and design as Cirenaica, Eritrea, Somalia and Tripolitania were issued on 1st June 1926.

Third Definitive Set, 1926

Three new values were issued in June 1926.

Third set

75 centesimi rose and carmine, 1.25 lire indigo and ultramarine, and 2.50 lire myrtle and orange
Sassone 42, 43 and 44.


Just one set was issued in April 1926.


75 centesimi red and 2.50 lire blue and red
Sassone (express) 1 and 2.

Postage Due (Segnatasse)

Just one set was issued. The 2 and 5 lire are particularly scarce.

5l postage due

5 lire, mint
Sassone (segnatasse) 10.
Image courtesy of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle.

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