Postage Stamps of Italian Post Offices in China

by Tony Clayton


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The Italian Post Office in Tientsin opened in 1917.

First Emergency Issue

In September 1917 three denominations were created by overprinting Italian stamps by hand. These were issued in very small numbers.

Turin Printing

In December 1917 nine values were issued in Italian currency from 1 centesimi to 5 lire. These were overprinted in Turin.

20 c

20 Centesimi, no watermark
Sassone 8.
There is also an unissued version of the 20c with watermark that is much more common.

Additional Value

A year later the 10 lire was issued.

10 l

10 lire
Sassone 13.

Values in Chinese Currency

In 1918 nine values were also overprinted locally in Chinese currency.

½ on 1c

½ cent on 1 centesimi
Sassone 15.

40c on 1l

40 cent on 1 lire
Sassone 22.

2 dollar on 5l

2 dollars on 5 lire
Sassone 23.
Two other varieties of this stamp exist, both very rare. The first has dollari rather than Dollari, and the other has hand overprints of a completely different style

Express Issues

30c express

30c express
Sassone E1.

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