Postage Stamps of Italian Post Offices in China

by Tony Clayton

Pechino (now known as Beijing)

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The Italian Post Office in Pechino (in English: Peking or Beijing) opened in 1917.

First Emergency Issue

In September 1917 seven denominations were created by overprinting Italian stamps by hand.
These were issued in very small numbers, and 4 errors of value are known.


2 cents on 5c
Sassone 1.
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle


8 cents on 20c
Sassone 5
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle

Turin Printing

In December 1917 nine values were issued in Italian currency from 1 centesimi to 5 lire. These had been overprinted in Turin.


1 Centesimi
Sassone 8.

20 c

20 Centesimi, no watermark
Sassone 12.

This version of the 20c is not to be confused with the unissued version with watermark that is much more common

Additional Value

A year later the 10 lire was issued.

10 l

10 lire
Sassone 17.

Values in Chinese Currency

In 1918 the lower nine values were also overprinted locally in Chinese currency.

½ on 1c

½ cent on 1 centesimi
Sassone 19.

40c on 1l

40 cent on 1 lire
Sassone 26.

2 dollar on 5l

2 dollars on 5 lire
Sassone 27.
Two other varieties of this stamp exist, both very rare. The first has handstamped Pechino 12mm rather than 13 mm long, and the other has DOLLARI in capital letters; only 15 examples are known.

Later Issue

In 1919 the 10 cents was issued using a totally different typeface.

10c on 25c

10 cents on 25c
Sassone 28.

Express Issues


12 cents on 30c
Sassone E2.

Postage Due Issues

1917. Initial set of 4 values overprinted in Turin.


20 centesimi
Sassone D2.

1918. Overprinted locally in Chinese currency. The 4 Cents on 10c is very rare, and was hand stamped in sans serif characters.


8 Cents on 20c
Sassone D6.

1919. Unissued set overprinted in a totally different style.


8 Cents on 20c
Sassone D10.

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