Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Italo-German Friendship Issue of 1941.

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In 1941 a number of issues celebrating the friendship between German and Italian forces were made throughout the Italian Empire. The original idea was to issue 6 stamps of the same design, but in the end only the top three values (50c, 75c and 1.25 lira) were issued on 30th January. The decision was made to issue the three lower values in a different design, and this took place on 2nd April. However, some sheets of the three low values in the original design were made available to the public at the Philatelic Bureau. The 10c is known used on a commercial cover.

unissued stamps

10c, 25c and 25c in the unissued design
Sassone 457A, 457B and 457C

issued stamp

25c in the issued design
Sassone 454

During the Second World War imitations of two stamps in this series were made which were a caricature of the original. Printed in England, they are quite scarce.

imitation stamp

Block of 4 of the imitation 25c
Sassone IG454

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