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Airmail Stamps

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The World's first ever Airmail Stamp was issued on 20th May 1917. Since then the Italian Post Office has issued very many types of airmail stamp.

1917 Turin - Rome and Rome - Turin Flights

Sassone A1

25c red express stamp overprinted
Sassone A1
The stamp shows the official postmark for the return leg

Sassone A1 cover

Cover showing the postmarks used on the outward leg

1917 Naples - Palermo and Palermo - Naples Flights

Sassone A2

25c on unissued 40c violet Urgent Express stamp
Sassone A2
Postmark used for the return leg.

Sassone A2 cover

Cover flown on the outward leg

1926-8 Definitive Issues

Sassone A7

5 lire green, part of the original set.
Sassone A7


80c lilac and red-brown issued in 1928
Sassone A3A

1927 Provisional Issues

Issued to reflect a reduction in some Airmail rates.

Sassone A8

Cent.50 on 60c.
Sassone A8


Cent.80 on 1 lire.
Sassone A9

1930 'Crociera' Transatlantic Flight Issue

Sassone A25

7.70 lire Crociera issue
Sassone A25

Sassone A25

7.70 lire Crociera issue showing seven stars variety on bottom right stamp
Sassone A25a
Image courtesy of

1933 Balbo Transatlantic Flight Issue

Sassone A51O, A51H, A51T

Triple group of the 5.25+19.75 lire version
Sassone A51O, A51H, A51T

Sassone A52O, A52H, A52T

Triple group of the 5.25+44.75 lire version
Sassone A52O, A52H, A52T

Official Airmail triptych

The rare Official Mail version
Sassone SA1
Image from an Ebay sale

1934 Rome-Mogadiscio Flight Issue

Official Airmail

A rare used example of the Official Mail version
Sassone SA2
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle

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