Varieties in the Postage Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Libya Victory Issue of 1922

In common with all issues of this type, not just for Libya but also Italy, Eritrea and Somalia, the bulk were comb perforated by a comb which gave two distinct perforations on the sheet, perforation 14 and the slightly scarcer perforation 14x13.25.

In addition some values are to be found which have been line perforated 13.5; these are much rarer and require careful hunting amongst dealers' stocks.

Perf 14

Perf 14
Sassone 35.

Perf 14x13.25

Perf 14x13.25
Sassone 35l.

Perf 13.5

Line Perf 13.5
Sassone 35k.

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Stamps of Italy - Libya Victory issue varieties
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