Varieties in the Postage Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Somalia Jubilee Issue of 1925

The stamps of Italy commemorating the King's Jubilee in 1925 come with two perforations, Perf. 11 and Perf. 13.5., and have three values: 60c and 1 lire issued in 1925, and 1.25 lire in 1926.

They were also issued with overprints for Cirenaica, Tripolitania, Eritrea, Oltre Giuba (Jubaland) and Somalia, but not all of the 6 types were overprinted for all countries, and indeed some combinations are very rare indeed.

A list of the known colonial varieties is as follows:

Those indicated as rare are valued at several thousand euro.

Perf 11

Somalia Perf 11
Sassone 67.

Perf 13.5

Somalia Perf 13.5
Sassone 70.

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