Postage Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton

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1947 - Hand overprinted versions

Early issues had an AMG-FTT overprint manually stamped over the printed stamp. Later versions had a boxed AMGFTT or boxed TLT over the country name in addition. Rhe former was for use on overseas mail, while the latter was for internal mail or Italian destinations.

15 lire

15 lire green on cream with boxed AMGFTT overprint
Pertile 4B

1948 - Trieste Philatelic Congress


Uprated 8 lire violet/cream with special congress postmarks
Pertile 8

1949 Large Printed AMG-FTT

This comes with two different spacings of the overprint over the printed stamp


15 lire green/cream. Wide spacing
Pertile 9B

1952 Victory on Quadriga Issues

New style imprinted stamp in 20 and 35 lire values, with two overprint styles on the former.


20 lire green on cream. Small overprint
Pertile 14B


35 lire red on cream. Large overprint
Pertile 15

Postal Lettercards

1950 issue

This comes with the overprint both on top of and below the imprinted stamp


20+2 lire blue on grey-blue
Pertile 4A


Two types were issued in 1952, 60+5 lire for European destinations, and 120 lire for the U.S.A and Canada

120 lire

120 lire red and green
Pertile 2

References are from 'Interitalia' Manuale Catalogo Specializzato degli Interi Postali dell'Area Italiana 2008, known as the 'New Pertile'.

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