Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton


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1939: Centenary of Italian Railways


20c red
Sassone 449


50c violet
Sassone 450


1.25 lire blue
Sassone 451

1956: 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Simplon Tunnel

Several things are wrong about this stamp. When opened there was just one tunnel; when there were two the train would have entered rather than left the left tunnel; no steam trains ever used the tunnel; the coach is not of the type that used the Simplon Pass.


25 lire green
Sassone 797

1970: Stamp Day

25l provisional

25 lire
Sassone 1140

1975: International Railway Congress


70 lire
Sassone 1307

1981: Stamp Day


120 Lire
Sassone 1582

1988: Europa


650 Lire
Sassone 1828

1989: 150th Anniversary of the Naples-Portico Railway


550 Lire
Sassone 1880 and 1881

2005: Centenary of Italian State Railways

45 cents

45 eurocents
Sassone 2815

2010: Ferrovia Retica

65 cents

65 eurocents
Sassone 3165

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