Postage Stamps of Italian States

by Tony Clayton


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In 1816 the Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily were united under the title of The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Sicily retained a different currency to Naples, so separate stamp issues were made. In November 1860 they became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The stamps of Sicily were denominated in grano (100 grano = 1 ducato)

As I do not collect these stamps seriously as yet, some of these are examples that have come my way and are not in the best of condition, to put it mildly!

Note the distinctive cancellations, designed to avoid obliterating the King's head.

half g

½ grano orange-yellow
Sassone 1.


1 grano olive
Sassone 5.


2 grano blue
Sassone 6.


5 grano vermilion, 2nd printing
Sassone 11.
Courtesy of I&CSC


10 grano indigo
Sassone 12.


20 grano bluish-slate
Sassone 13.


50 grano brown-lake
Sassone 14.


A much nicer 50 grano brown-lake
Sassone 14.
Courtesy of I&CSC

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