Postage Stamps of Italian States

by Tony Clayton

Romagna (Romagne)

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Romagna was one of the Papal States until 12th June 1859, when a provisional government was formed to prepare for union with Sardinia.

The stamps were denominated in bajocchi (100 bajocchi - 1 scudo)

As I do not collect these stamps seriously as yet, my own images are examples that have come my way and are not in the best of condition.


1 bajocchi black on brownish grey
Sassone 2.


2 bajocchi black on yellowish-orange
Sassone 3.
Courtesy of I&CSC


4 bajocchi black on tawny
Sassone 5.
Courtesy of I&CSC


5 bajocchi black on violet
Sassone 6.


20 bajocchi black on grey-green
Sassone 9.


The same stamp after some electronic repair!

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