Postage Stamps of Italian States

by Tony Clayton

Neapolitan Provinces

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Prior to the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy, certain parts around Naples used a different currency, with the grano and tornese. Although the King was Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, that state used centesimi and lira. On 14th February 1861 a set was issued for the Neapolitan Provinces.

In mint condition the two most difficult stamps are the 1 grano black and the 20 grano yellow. In used condition the top value, 50 grano, is very rare.

half tornese

Half tornese green
Sassone 17.

half grano

Half tornese yellow-green
Sassone 17e.

half tornese

Half tornese olive-green
Sassone 17b.

half grano

Half grano bistre brown
Sassone 18.

half grano

Half grano grey-brown
Sassone 18a.

1 grano

1 grano black
Sassone 19.

2 grano

2 grano light blue
Sassone 20.

5 grano

5 grano carmine
Sassone 21.

10 grano

10 grano dull orange or bistre
Sassone 22c.

20 grano

20 grano yellow
Sassone 23.

50 grano

50 grano grey-blue
Sassone 24c.


1 grano, 2 grano and two 5 grano on piece
Sassone 19, 20 and 21.

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