Postage Stamps of Italian States

by Tony Clayton


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Modena first issued stamps in 1852. In 1859 the Duke was forced into exile, and a Provisional Government was formed. Later that year the duchy became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia which in turn became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

1852 issue

Stamps from this issue are known both with and without a full stop after the figure of value. It is possible to get these two types in a pair.


15 centesimi, no stop, on yellow paper
Sassone 3.


25 centesimi, no stop, on very pale buff paper
Sassone 4.


5 centesimi, with stop, on green paper
Sassone 7.


10 centesimi, with stop, on rose paper
Sassone 9.
Courtesy of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle


40 centesimi, with stop, on blue paper
Sassone 10.

Provisional Government 1859 issue


5 centesimi green
Sassone 12.
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle


20 centesimi grey-violet
Sassone 15.
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle

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