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by Tony Clayton

San Marino

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Prior to the first issue of San Marino stamps in 1877, those of Italy were used. Such use is evident from the special postmarks used.

15 c

5 centesimi Type 2 Matraire issue of Italy postmarked in Rimini with a San Marino cachet

15 c

Another example showing more of the cachet

1 c

1 centesimi stamp of Italy postmarked with a San Marino postmark

San Marino issued its own stamps for the first time in 1877

30 & 40 c

The first issue, 1877
The 30c and 40c are the two key values in mint condition
Sassone 6 and 7


The two main types of 10c overprints of 1892
Sassone 10 and 11


5c inverted overprint of 1892
Sassone 8a


Overprint varieties
Left: Raised i in Cmi (Sassone 8m)
Right: comma instead of full stop after Cmi (Sassone 10p)


Overprint type variations typical of this issue
Sassone 10

15c & 2l

Second definitive issue, 1892
15 centesimi carmine brown and 2 lire brown and yellow
Sassone 15 and 21a

15c & 2l

Fourth definitive issue, 1903
20 centesimi orange and 5 lire slate
Sassone 37 and 45

1.25l on 60c on 25c

1927 provisional express issue
Pair showing normal L (above) and alternative typeface (position 15)
Sassone E6 and E6a


1929 definitive issue
A beautifully used example of the 20 lire on piece. It is such a shame that the top right corner was torn before posting!
Sassone 158


1953 Sports issue
Air Mail 200 lire (top value of the set).
Sassone A111


1965 Express issue
120 lire on 75 lire, double overprint.
Sassone E25a
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle


1924 Postage Due issue
5 lire, brown and green. Unlisted bent L variety
Sassone D17
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle

Italian Occupation of Corfu <<-- : -->> Philatelic and Bogus Issues
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