Postage Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Italian Social Republic

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GNR Issues

In September 1943 Italy surrendered, but Mussolini was rescued from imprisonment by the Germans and headed what became known as the Italian Social Republic in the northern half of Italy. At first existing stocks of Italian stamps were used as postal services recovered, but in December 1943 elements of the Guarda Nazionale Repubblicana stationed in Brescia caused existing values of the definitive and air mail stamps to be overprinted G.N.R.. 5 days after work started orders came to cease overprinting.

As a result of speculation for the limited issues made, the decision was made for printers in Verona to overprint in what is almost an identical typeface. Distinguishing the two printers is tricky, to put it mildly!


20c GNR with displaced overprint
Most stamps from this sheet have N.R.G.
Would be Sassone 473/Ie


35c with Verona overprint
Sassone 476


35c with inverted overprint
Sassone 476a
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle


1.25 lire Express stamps with Brescia Type II and Type III G.N.R. overprints
Se-tenant from sheet centre
Sassone 19/II and 19/III


2 lire Express stamps with Brescia Type III G.N.R. overprint
Sassone 125/III. Courtesy of Italy & Colonies Study Circle

Postage Due

Postage Due stamps with Brescia G.N.R. overprints
Sassone 50/I and 54/Id
The 60c had only 50 double sheets overprinted, and the stamp in position 186 has a 'close' R


30c War Propaganda Issue overprinted GNR
Verona overprint, Sassone 18


Overprint Types on Propaganda stamps.
Top: Verona Type II overprint (wider, large stops, shiny print)
Middle: Brescia Type II overprint (wide, small stops, dull print)
Bottom: Brescia Type III overprint (narrow font)

Italian Social Republic Overprint Issues

Later it was decided to use Social Republic overprints on only those stamps showing King Victor Emmanuel III; the remaining values had no negative political significance.

red overprint

25c with red overprint rather than the common black overprint as on the right
It is possible that this was a Proof printing made in larger than usual quantities, with the bulk issued for use at Post Offices
Sassone 490

wrong stamp

20c with overprint intended for the 75c
As the colour used for the 20c is the same as for the 75c, a few sheets of the 20c were overprinted in error

black overprint

1l25 with black overprint rather than the common red overprint of the same type
This is an error of colour
Sassone 495A

75c inverted

75c, inverted overprint
Sassone 494a

75c double

75c, double overprint of different type
Sassone 494Bb
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle

50 lire

50 lire, Verona printing
Sassone 501

2l50 inverted

2l50 express with inverted overprint
Sassone 22a

2 lire

2 lire Air Mail
Proof with overprint as for Express stamps
Sassone P6


25c Air Mail
Proof with fasches overprint, Sassone P9

2 lire Due

2 lire Postage Due
Sassone D69

Italian Social Republic, New Designs

Eventually new designs were created and issued.

I instead of L

SOCIAIE instead of SOCIALE error
Sassone 504aa

White line

White Line in P on the Express stamp
Sassone E23c

Teramo Issues

These were issues made in Teramo printed even on those stamps not showing the King's head.


Sassone 2


1l25 Express used on piece
Sassone 16


A selection used on cover
Courtesy of Italy and Colonies Study Circle

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