Postage Stamps of Italian Post Offices in the Levant

by Tony Clayton


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The Italian Post Office in Smirne opened in May 1908. It closed from October 1911 to December 1912 because of the Italo-Turkish War, and again between 1914 and 1919 during the First World War. It finally closed in June 1923.

In February 1909, seven denominations were created by overprinting Italian stamps along with the denomination in Turkish currency.

An 8th value, 40 piastre on 10 lire, was issued January 1911.

In June 1923 5 further stamps were overprinted; very few of these actually reached Smirne, but there are rare genuinely used copies with a 'Poste Militare 171' postmark.

2 piastre on 50c

2 Piastre on 50c
Sassone 5.

20 piastre on 5 lire

20 Piastre on 5 lire
Sassone 7.
The scarcest of the mint Smirne issues

20 para on 5c

Unissued 20 parà on 5 centesimi
Sassone 9.

7 piastre 20 para

Unissued 7 piastre 20 parà on 1 lire
Sassone 13.

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