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Occupation of Former Austrian Territories

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Trentino-Alto Adige

After the surrender of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in November 1918 Italy occupied a number of areas of the former Empire prior to assimilation into the Kingdom of Italy.

First Issue

The first issue, on 11th November 1918 consisted of overprinted Austrian stamps. Forged examples are known.


1 krone
Sassone 15.
Just 1100 issued.


4 krone
Sassone 17.
Just 210 issued. Courtesy of Italy & Colonies Study Circle

Second Issue

On the 6th December a new issue of Italian stamps overprinted Venezia Tridentina was made.


20 centesimi
Sassone 23.

1l used

1 lire used on piece
Note the Trento 1 postmark which has had the German text removed from the upper half
Just 5000 issued. Sassone 27.

Trentino-Alto Adige Provisional Postage Due Stamps

No official Postage Due stamps were available for Trentino-Alto Adige, so three offices, Bolzano 1, Bolzano 3 and Tirolo and Lana, issued their own provisionals.

5c used

5 centesimi of Bolzano 1
Bolzano 1 office used a T handstamp
Sassone BZ1/12.

10c used

10 centesimi
Black handstamp instead of violet
Sassone BZ1/13.

5c used

5 centesimi of Bolzano 3
Bolzano 3 office used a range of overprints
Sassone BZ3/80.

20c used

20 centesimi
Sassone BZ3/82.

5 and 20 heller

5 and 20 heller postage due provisional
Issued by Bolzano 3 office in February 1919
Sassone BZ3/130 and 132.

2c mint

2 centesimi of Bolzano 3
Sassone BZ3/134.

45c mint

45c on 45 centesimi
Sassone BZ3/145.

2c mint

Hand stamped 5 on 2 centesimi
Sassone BZ3/134.

2c mint

Machine stamped 5 on 2 centesimi
Sassone BZ3/145.

5c mint

5c di c on 5c
In use for 14 days at Tirolo and Lana PO's. Withdrawn because of the use of German.
Sassone TeL/1.

Austrian Occupation of Italian Territories <<-- : -->> Venezia Giulia
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