Postage Stamps of Italian Post Offices

by Tony Clayton

Crete (La Canea)

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An Italian Post Office was opened in La Canea on the 16th January 1900.

1 piastra

1 piastra on 25c, overprinted in red. Issued 10th July 1900
Sassone 1.

1 piastra

1 piastre on 25c, overprinted in black. Issued July 1901
Sassone 2.

2 centesimi

2 centesimi. The first printing had LA CANEA set higher than in subsequent printings. Issued along with 10 other values on 15th November 1905
Sassone 3 and 3a.


25 centesimi Express stamp, issued 5th November 1906.
This example from the first printing has an albino LA CANEA overprint to the left of the inked version.
Sassone 1


25 centesimi Express stamp.
Beware of forged overprints. The upper example is genuine, while the lower one is clearly a forgery.

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Stamps of Italian Post Offices - Crete
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