Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

Victory Issue of 1921 and Overprinted Victory Issue of 1924.

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1921 Victory Issue

Stamps printed to celebrate Victory at the end of the First World War were intended to be issued in 1919, and the four values were intended to cover printed matter (5c), local postcards (10c), postcards or local letters (15c), and non-local or foreign letters (25c).

In the event the stamps were not issued until 1st November 1921, by which time the postage rates had significantly increased. Speculation ensued, so a further printing was made.

There are two comb perforations (found on the same sheet) and a rare line perforation found on the 10c and 25c.


10 centesimi red.
Left: perf 14 comb; Centre: perf 14x13¼ comb; Right: perf 13½ line
Sassone 120, 120b and 120a.

small cross

25 centesimi blue.
Normal stamps show a sideways crown watermark. However, the central column of the sheet, intended for an inter-pane gutter for normal definitives, has none, so stamps from this area show no watermark. Small crosses at the top and bottom of this margin may show up on one or two examples.
Sassone 122d.

1924 Overprinted Victory Issue

The extra printing resulted in surplus stocks, so all four values were overprinted LIRE UNA to pay the foreign letter rate.

1l on 5c

1 lira on 5 centesimi green, perf 14
Sassone 158.

As the overprinted stamps are significantly scarcer than the unoverprinted versions, forgeries abound.

Overprint detail

Top: Genuine Overprint
Bottom: Forged overprint.

Note the last A in particular

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