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Parmeggiani Definitive Issues of 1927 to 1929

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Carlo Parmeggiani (1881-1967) designed a new portrait of the King for his Jubilee commemoratives in 1925. The design was popular enough for use on a new series of definitives starting in 1927.

First Issue, April 1927.

1.85 lire

1.85 lire grey
Sassone 215

2.65 lire

2.65 lire violet
Sassone 217

Second Issue, August 1927.


50 centesimi brown and grey
Sassone 218
A number of shades are known. Those with a deep black centre are scarce.

Third Issue, September 1927.

1.75 lire

1.75 lire brown
Sassone 214

2.55 lire

2.55 lire carmine
Sassone 216

Fourth Issue, June 1928.


7½ centesimi brown
Sassone 224


50 centesimi lilac
Sassone 225

Fifth Issue, February 1929.


15c brown
Sassone 240


35c grey
Sassone 241

Sixth Issue, 1929.

During 1929 a variant of the 1.75 lire was issued at a few post offices with a perforation of 13¾ instead of the usual 11. These stamps are rare, particularly in mint condition which catalogue at 44,000 euro. They are known used from only Bologna, Rome and Caltanissetta in Sicily, in increasing order of rarity.

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