Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

The 1863 Quindici Stamps printed by Matraire

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The 1863 Quindici Stamps of Matraire
Type 1 Quindici Stamps

Type 2 Quindici Stamps

The plate consisted of four groups of 25 subjects. The sheets were divided down the centre to provide counter sheets issued to post offices. The following is a picture of an entire block of group 1.

Type 2 Group 1 block

Block of 25 stamps of Group 1, part of a complete counter sheet of 50
Major flaws include the f flaw in subject 14, full line under Q is subject 9, and the P.O flaw in subject 15.

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This page details the general characteristics of each of the 25 subjects. Differences between the four groups for each subject can be seen by clicking on the relevant picture (even if no images are available).

Type 2 Subject 1

Subject 1
White scratch through cartouche and frame under second leg of first A in ITALIANO; nick in top left of NW corner.

Type 2 Subject 2

Subject 2
Dot in right margin opposite C in SE square; dot in margin close to frame level with A of FRANCO; dot in SE spandrel level with O in ITALIANO.

Type 2

Subject 3
Dot in margin level with NC of FRANCO (trimmed here); cut in cartouche and frame above S of POSTALE; small dot in SW spandrel above and to left of C (not seen here)

Type 2

Subject 4
Large dot at left end bottom cartouche; dot to right of top of last I in QUINDICI; dot under right curve of bottom cartouche; large break or retouch above NO of ITALIANO

Type 2

Subject 5
Break in frame below right end of bottom cartouche; dot in margin below that; dot on N of FRANCO and flaw between frame and cartouche above it.

Type 2

Subject 6
Break in cartouche below A of POSTALE; small dot inside left end of top cartouche (absent here); flaw on frame level with top of 1 in SW corner square; small dot in right margin opposite NO of ITALIANO

Type 2

Subject 7
White flaw to right of 15 in NE corner; small rising line in spandrel above N of QUINDICI; frame scratch under C of FRANCO (unclear)

Type 2

Subject 8
Small dot above and to right of right cartouche; dot in margin above S in POSTALE, also sometimes another above O; frame broken below U

Type 2

Subject 9, line under Q variety
Line under Q; SW corner, white flaw below right of 5; dot high in NW spandrel

Type 2

Subject 10
Small dot between frame and cartouche above QU in QUINDICI; tiny frame scratch below Q

Type 2 Subject 11

Subject 11
Tiny circle or dot between cartouche and frame above left upright of N in QUINDICI; frame below Q broken into dots

Type 2 Subject 12

Subject 12
Line of dots in the margin above POSTA; dot in centre of NE spandrel


Subject 13
Small dot below curved end of moustache.

Type 2

Subject 14, f flaw variety
Characteristic f flaw to left of C, tiny hairline in margin below C in SE corner

Type 2

Subject 15
Dot between P and O of POSTALE; small dash near top of SE spandrel; 1 and 5 in NE corner joined by a dash; Dot in first O of BOLLO; small dot just above top of right cartouche.

Type 2 Subject 16

Subject 16
2 or 3 dots to left of P in POSTALE; NW corner ends in a spike.

Type 2

Subject 17
Flaw in top left limb of T in POSTALE; dot in margin level with O in FRANCO; small dot on top of D in QUINDICI; small dot in top margin left of P.

Type 2

Subject 18
Four dots in margin above E of POSTALE; line below Q only just open.

Type 2

Subject 19
Lines and dots in top margin; tiny dot near bottom of second I in QUINDICI; small dot near first C; dot to left of 1 in SW square.

Type 2 Subject 20

Subject 20
White fault in oval at 1 o'clock; vertical dash near NE corner; dash above first O of BOLLO

Type 2

Subject 21
Break in cartouche below LI of ITALIANO

Type 2

Subject 22
Cartouche broken above and to left of C in QUINDICI; white 'quiff' at the back of the head (example shown is '3 dots for I' variety).

Type 2

Subject 23
Frame smudge above OSTALE (full strength in this copy); outer frame broken below D; two dots in NE spandrel; two breaks below N in ITALIANO

Type 2

Subject 24
Frame smudge above POSTA; dot in margin below U of QUINDICI

Type 2

Subject 25
Cartouche broken above and to right of L in POSTALE; dot between 1 and 5 in SW corner; dot inside Q of QUINDICI

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