Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

The First Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

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When the Kingdom of Italy was formed from a large number of the former states, the stamps of Sardinia were used where the lire and centesimi still held sway as the currency. As time progressed all of Italy came to use the lire.

In 1862 four of the Sardinian values were perforated comb 11½x12, although imperforate stamps continued to be issued as well. Forged perforations exist, almost always using line perforators and using 12x11½. Other bogus gauges are also known, the 5c frequently being found perforated although they were never issued in that state. The 20c is known with a very rare trial Susse perforation of 7½.

10c and 20c

10c yellowish bistre and 20c indigo

40 and 80c

40c carmine red and 80c orange yellow
The 80c is rare in genuinely used condition

1862 - 2c Newspaper Stamp

2c bistre

2c bistre
Issued for the newspaper rate

1863 - 15c with Embossed Head

Due to a postal rate change a 15c stamp was required. To produce the large numbers required quickly lithography rather than letterpress was used by the same printer as had produced all the stamps of Sardinia, Francesco Matraire.

15c blue

15c blue

15c blue

15c blue, inverted effigy
Almost certainly a forgery

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