Postage Stamps of Italian Colonies

by Tony Clayton


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Saseno is a 5.7 square kilometre island about 15 km off the port of Valona in Albania. Occupied by Italy after the First World War, it was returned to Albania in 1947. Generally the postage stamps of Italy were used, but for a time around 1923 eight specially overprinted stamps came into use.

1923 Definitive Issue


15 centesimi grey
Sassone 2.


25 centesimi blue
Sassone 4.


50 centesimi violet
Sassone 6.


1 lira brown and green
Sassone 8.

When overprinting took place, a sheet of the 60c blue was included amongst the 25c blue sheets in error. The stamps involved were overprinted ANNULATO and are quite scarce.

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