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by Tony Clayton

General Issues for Italian Colonies

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During the period 1932 to 1934 issues were made of commemoratives for use throughout all the main colonies of Libya, Eritrea and Italian Somalia.

1932 Garibaldi Issue

This is an extensive set with 10 postage values, 5 airmail values and 2 air express values, with revisions of designs from the Italy set. 20,000 full sets were issued.


Postage: 1.75+0.25 Lire blue
Sassone 8.


Air Express: 2.25+1 Lire brown
Sassone A6.


Postage: 2.55+0.50 Lire brown
Sassone 9.


Airmail: 50c red
Sassone A1.


Postage: 5+1 Lire blue
Sassone 10.


Airmail: 5+1 Lire brown
Sassone A5.

1932 Dante Alighieri Issue

The Italy set was used in its entirety, overprinted COLONIE ITALIANE. 60,000 complete sets were issued.


Postage: 5+2 Lire green
Sassone 21.


Airmail: 7.70+2 Lire carmine
Sassone A12.


Airmail: 10+2.50 Lire orange
Sassone A13.


Airmail: 100 Lire
This was issued a little later.
Sassone A14.

1933 Eritrea Commemoration

This set commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Eritrea as an Italian Colony. Only 20,000 of the top values were issued.


Postage: 10+2.50 Lire red-brown
Sassone 31.

50 lire

Airmail: 50 lire violet
Sassone A21.

1933 10th Anniversary of the March on Rome

An extensive set of 10 postage and 8 airmail stamps. 15,000 of the two top values were issued.

25 lire

25 lire greenish black
Sassone 41.

50 lire

50 lire blue
Sassone A29.

1934 15th Milan Fair

Just 4 stamps were issued with a print run of 100,000

1.25 lire

1.25 lire blue
Sassone 45.

1934 Duke of Abruzzi Airmail

Just 1 stamp was issued with a print run of 15,000

25 lire

25 lire black
Sassone A30.

1934 Football World Cup

The set consists of 5 postage and 7 airmail values. 20,000 sets were issued.


Postage: 10 lire blue
Sassone 50.

25 lire

Airmail: 25 lire green
Sassone A36.


Airmail: 50 lire green
Sassone A37.

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