Postage Stamps of Italy

by Tony Clayton

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CLN stands for 'Comitati di Liberazione Nazionale' or Committee for National Liberation. As the German forces were pushed back towards the end of the Second World War, a number of towns in Northern Italy issued their own overprinted stamps. In some case these were little more than propaganda issues to raise funds from philatelists, but some were used for postage in local areas.

This is a difficult area to collect as forged overprints are known, and those shown with printings of just 100 are bound to raise suspicion.


20c + 10 lire on 5c

20c + 10 lire on 5c
3000 printed
Sassone 6


50 lire on 1l25 express
3000 printed
Sassone 8

Min Sheets

10 lire and 25 lire miniature sheets
These are suspect as they are each in the colour that the other should be.
Sassone F1 and F2 variety



820 printed
Sassone 7


1l25 express
I was unsure as to whether this stamp is correct in having a sideways overprint, but the cover shown below confirmed it.
380 printed
Sassone 16

Arona cover

An interesting philatelic cover
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle



80c Air Mail
Only 100 printed. The overprint is suspect
Sassone 15


For each of these six stamps just 300 were issued in mint condition. 2700 covers were sold with the three pairs on. Stamps with overprints entirely in one colour are forgeries.


25c, both types se-tenant
Sassone 1 and 4

1 lire

1 lire, both types se-tenant
Sassone 2 and 5


2l50, both types se-tenant
Sassone 3 and 6


Back of the above showing violet handstamp applied to all issues



10000 printed.
Sassone 3

10l air

10 lire Air Mail
100 printed. The overprint is suspect!
Sassone 18



3 lire, with handstamp on the back
100 printed - the key stamp of Maccagno.
Sassone 7



3 lire on 50c
10000 printed. PSI stands for Piena Sovranita Italiana (Full Italian Sovereignity)
Sassone 4



17800 printed.
Sassone 3

Valle Bormida

20c and 2L50

20c and 2.50 lire of the first locally printed issue.
Known as the Victory and Perseus Issue
8000 (25c) and 6000 printed, but many destroyed by military action.
Sassone 10 and 15

Theseus Issue

All four stamps of the second locally printed issue.
Known as the Theseus Issue
5000 sets printed, but many destroyed by military action.
Sassone 16-19

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